gain 70dbi big power 2w 33dBm GSM 900Mhz booster mobile phone signal booster repeater GSM repeater booster big project use-in Signal Boosters from Cellphones & Telecommunications

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gain 70dbi big power 2w 33dBm GSM 900Mhz booster mobile phone signal booster repeater GSM repeater booster big project use Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Model Number GSM 2w
Brand Name Kan.Do
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
"Any dispute / Direct negative feedback"  before contact means "Buyer BAD " !! And not welcome such buyer !! Please go away !! ( Because business is cooperation ,not fight each other ) .

If protection time is running over ,please contact to extend time ,
if any problem found ,please contact to solve by a friendly way .



******Important Note ( please read , and please read all descriptions carefully ) ************:
To let a booster work it needs conditions :

1. please be sure that signal outside of your house is good enough to enable booster to work , what good signal is:

a). stand there to check if you can make fluent call or not,if can ,then you buy ,otherwise please dont buy ;
b). Put your phone there to check its signal strengthness :
Android : setting-about phone-status-network ,dbm display shall be at -60dbm to -75dbm around ;
IOS : dial *3001#12345#*, dbm display shall be at -60dbm to -75dbm around ;

-80dbm to -100dbm means bad,so please dont buy

2. Please be sure the place where you are going to install is GSM900MHZ ,operator also use DCS1800mhz for 2G network, please check to clarify .

3. Buy correct cable and anteana ,50ohm cable is recommended ,RG58 not recommended , for DCS ,3G,4G you must use 50Ohm cable ;
4. Install them correctly to avoid interference ( auto osillation ) with walls between indoor & outdoor antenna, when interference exist ,LCD will display full signal bar or signal LED normal on, but phone can not make call .

For avoiding unhappiness ,please do not buy before you are clear about the above .



Selling point of product :

1. High gain 70 dbi
2. 2W power 33dbm ;
3. USED in "China Telecom" for signal amplifying !!;
4. Recommend for project such as big shopping mall and so on .


Specification :

Voltage :  110-220V DC12V 

Frequency range : 

890MHz--915MHz(Up link) ;     935MHz--960MHz(Down link)

Gain :                Uplink : 65-70dBi
                          Donwlink :70dbi

Impedance : 50Ohm  ;
Export Power : 33dbm ( real power );
Automatic power control : AGC>30db or ALC >30db
Group delay : 1.5

In band spurious : +2.5
Noise figure :  <5dbm
VSWR :    <1.5

Intermodulation attenuation :<-40dbc
connector : N

Ambient temperature:-10oC--50oC
Size : 
Net weight : 0.73kgs .

Signal coverage area : Up to 3000 square meters  .



Problems and solutions ( important ) , please read :


All booster will be tested before shipping to ensure quality , if you dont know any about booster and installation please start from 0 as below .

1. After power connected ,if LCD does not display or power LED is not on ,it means booster is defective ,kindly choose a friendly to solve it ,we accept to reship or refund. Andy dispute or negative will cause you on black list and an uncooperative solution ;

2. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display 1-3 bars, you need to change your external antenna to a better place to gain stronger signal, if you use small pin antenna ,please upgrade it to a panel or a yagi ; If you can not find a place with good signal to enable booster with full bar display ,it means your outdoor signal is too bad ,booster will not work . So please kindly contact for a solution to return .


3. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display full bar or signal LED is on ,but phone can not make call , it means big interference ( not booster quality problem ) which cause booster dead called auto osillation , so you need ( indoor and outdoor antenna can not see each other ) :
1). Use longer cable to enable outdoor antenna far away from booster and indoor antenna ;
2). Face outdoor and indoor antenna to different direction;
3). Get one or 2 walls between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna to ensure they are well insulated .
4). Check with your operator to ask what frequency are adopted in your area to ensure your booster matchs ( operator will use 900mhz in some area and use 1800mhz in an other area ) .

Detailed problems and solutions  :

If you still can not solve it yourself , you can friendly talk choose return or refund,
any dispute or negative mean buyer BAD !!



Below model ( IGC and ALC function ) may work under conditions : 
1. bad outdoor signal at -80dbi to -85dbi around ;
2. No need wall to 100% insulate indoor and outdoor ( but if both antennas are too close ,it will not work too ) ,













Above models is only possible to work if outdoor signal is not good (-80dbm) ,does not mean 100% to work if really bad outdoor signal ( because a booster will take many conditions ) .

When you buy them it means that you just want to take try ,if does not work ,please be friendly to solve. If you are going to direct dispute or negative, please dont buy .